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The NOTB Sports Update - Number 3

Feb 20 UPDATE:

Two more to add to the sad tally today, from among the youngest to among the oldest on our list.

IMAGE: Mag24.es

1) Valentina, no last name given in the sparse news reports about her death, was a 13 year-old volleyball player for the Aspes Volley Company in Italy. The only reports I could find say she died suddenly on the 12th of Feb, 2022 — and that she was vaccinated.

"For a few days a message had been circulating on Telegram channels concerning the news that a 13-year-old student had died "suddenly" and that no media had given the news. Today, unfortunately, we have confirmation from the Aspes volley Company website where Valentina - this was her name - was registered (and therefore she was vaccinated, just for the combination)."

Article: The massacre of the innocents is totally censored! Only today we learn of the suspicious death of Valentina, an athlete of only 13 years

2) Miguel Angel Ramirez, 58, died right after winning a 4km cross country race, the Cross Country Master Championship, in Costa Rica on Sat, Feb 19, 2022. There aren't that many athletes in this age category, but according to news reports he was an avid runner, well-known in the local running community.

"This Saturday, February 19, Miguel Ángel fulfilled his wish and was proclaimed the best in the category of 55 to 59 years of the Cross Country Master Championship, organized by the Master Sports Association (ADEMA), in the Parque del Este, in Sabanilla, Saint Joseph.

However, that would be the last race for Ramírez, who after crossing the finish line and seeing himself as the winner of his category, collapsed and despite the efforts of the Red Cross paramedics, he died on the way to the hospital."

Article: Athlete who died in the race fulfilled his wish on the last day of his life

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