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The NOTB Sports Update - Number 1

The NOTB Sports channel is working diligently to keep track of the strange occurrences, sudden illnesses, and outright catastrophic injuries and deaths athletes are experiencing worldwide these days. The NOTB Sports Update is here to keep you informed of what the sleuths , interested individuals, and reporters are keeping track of down at NOTB Sports! Join the channel and join the good times as we go straight to the heart of the issue: They can ignore the science, ignore the arguments, and ignore the warnings — but they can't ignore the NOTB Sports Sudden Collapse and Deaths Telegram Channel.

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February 18th UPDATE:

IMAGE: CinkTank

1) Jasper Cillessen, the Valencia CF goalkeeper, is out of action with blood clots in his calf. Yikes.

"Valencia goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen underwent surgery on Tuesday to "remove a clot" in the calf muscle of his right leg, according to the club's medical services [...]"

"Cillessen was operated on Tuesday due to the clot “formed between the musculature of the right posterior sural region”. Valencia said in a statement that "the international goalkeeper is progressing well in the immediate postoperative period"."

Article: Cillessen out of Valencia after calf clot surgery

Kind of reminds me of Sergio Ramos' recent diagnosis of "old calf injury." Gold star for you if you've ever heard of THAT ailment before.

2) James Maddison, the Leicester midfielder, collapsed during a game against Randers FC on Thurs, Feb 17.

"Leicester's medical staff were forced to check James Maddison's pulse after the attacking midfielder went down unchallenged in the Foxes' Europa Conference League clash against Randers. The 25-year-old [was introduced] in the 64th minute [...]"

"Yet Maddison did not complete the game and only played the best part of 20 minutes before he was forced off, after dropping to the ground in an incident off the ball."

Article: Leicester medics check James Maddison's pulse after concerning off-ball Randers incident

3) This one went under the radar, but it may be the most important story yet for the American audience, many of whom are convinced the tragedies have not struck the NFL, and therefore don't exist. At least, I think I have that right.

IMAGE: Seahawks.com

Luke Wilson, the 31-year-old tight end for the Seattle Seahawks, retired last summer on Aug 25, 2021. Odd timing, considering he had re-signed his contract with the Seahawks the day before. Not odd timing, though, considering the fact he had been recently hospitalized with severe pericardial effusion — a condition closely related to pericarditis, an ailment we have all become familiar with after the so-called vaccines were administered on large scales.

""After signing with the Seahawks yesterday, I have decided to walk away from the game of football," [Wilson] wrote. "This off-season I went through some health issues and spent numerous days in the hospital with a severe pericardial effusion."

"[...] I have decided that it's time for me to begin with the next chapter of my life.""

Article: Super Bowl Champion Tight End Retires From NFL Due to Medical Condition

Aand, that's a wrap for today, Friday, Feb 18, 2022. Many of these stories are under-reported, and since athletic leagues such as, well — all of them — have threatened, harassed, and coerced their players into taking the shots, we can only expect as much. But with united effort we can make the truth known. So, if you know of any athletes in your neck of the woods — from school age all the way up through to the top leagues — that have suddenly died, collapsed, or come down with a mysterious illness — then post it to the NOTB Sports channel!

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