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Retired footballer dies of heart attack 5 days after booster shot

Former Malaysian national football player Serbegeth “Shebby” Singh died unexpectedly from a heart attack while out cycling on 12th January. The 61-year-old received a booster shot on 7th January.

Shebby’s son told Free Malaysia Today: “He had it on January 7th and left us five days later. We do not know what booster shot he had taken. But doctors told us the cause of his death was 99% related to a heart attack as his post-mortem showed three of his coronary arteries having blockages. All his vital organs were in perfect working condition and there were also no signs of any allergic reaction.”

He went on to describe those speculating about the jab being related to his sudden death as ‘irresponsible‘.

It may of course be the case that Shebby’s death was unrelated to his booster shot - the timing could be coincidence - but it does raise an interesting point: If a person dies within 5 days of being diagnosed with Covid-19, doctors are instructed to record ‘Covid-19’ as the cause of death - even if that person was hit by a car. If a person dies within 5 days of being injected with an experimental vaccine, doctors go out of their way to avoid recording the cause of death as an adverse reaction.

You can read the article from Survive The News on 16th January here: https://www.survivethenews.com/new-normal-former-malaysian-professional-football-player-dies-of-heart-attack-5-days-after-receiving-covid-19-booster-shot/

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