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The future is uncertain for Swedish handball's future star Nina Koppang.

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The doctor about Nina Koppang: "It could have gone very badly"

Published 9 MARCH 2022

The future in terms of handball is uncertain for Sävehov's and Swedish handball's big future promise Nina Koppang.

The blood clots in her lungs she suffered in January this year were of a more serious nature.

- It could have gone very badly and I am glad that she is feeling well today, says team doctor Hampus Lüning to SVT Sport.

The plugs were discovered after Nina Koppang had difficulty breathing during a match in the Champions League.

What the care initially thought was shortness of breath caused by covid-19 turned out to be a more serious form of blood clots in the lungs.

- There is a wide scale. Blood clots could range from a side effect on an x-ray, to something that causes cardiac arrest. Even though this is a personal tragedy for Nina when it comes to handball, the most important thing is that she feels good today, says Hampus Lüning.

At present, it is known that Nina Koppang can not participate in contact sports, ie not play handball, for at least six months due to medication.

The cause of the Sävehof player's illness is not yet known.

Blood clots have been one of the very unusual side effects of the covid-19 vaccine, how do you view that?

- In many of those who received clots after the vaccine, it has been possible to measure changes in the blood through samples. It's one of the things you look at, it can not be ruled out but the tests do not currently indicate that in Nina's case.

Based on your experience, what is it like for an athlete to suffer from something like this?

- For anyone, shortness of breath is one of the hardest things you can experience. And we also look at those who suffer from myocarditis, for example, who also require this type of longer rest, that it is extremely stressful when you are used to training ten sessions a week.

- But as I said, I am very happy that we got to where we are today, that Nina is well, says Hampus Lüning.

SOURCE: https://www.svt.se/sport/handboll/lakaren-om-nina-koppang-det-kunde-gatt-valdigt-illa

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