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The NOTB Sports Update - Number 4

Feb 21 UPDATE:

These updates are set back one day in order to collect all of the reports from the NOTB Sports channel. There's only one update for today but looking over the channel I can see tomorrow will be a doozy.

As it is, people have remarked that this situation won't be noticed on a wider scale until players start simply dying on the field. People are dying. And it's time we noticed.

IMAGE: hch.tv

VIDEO: Soccer player suffers respiratory arrest in the middle of the Honduran Ascent League match

1) A young footballer has died in Honduras. Persy Castro, 26, playing for Arsenal SAO, collapsed on the pitch. The incident was captured on the television broadcast.

"According to the preliminary report, the young man suffered a respiratory arrest and after being revived he had to be transferred to an emergency room at Trochez Montalvan Hospital."

Article: Honduran player collapses in the middle of a soccer match

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