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The NOTB Sports Update - Number 5

Feb 22 UPDATE:

We start with a couple football matches in Argentina, where both an older player and a youth player fell ill on the field of play and both perished at the hospital.

1) A player nicknamed "Pescado" Segovia suffered some type of health emergency during a game, and later died at the hospital on Feb 19.

""The incident occurred this Saturday afternoon, when a soccer game was being played at a sports and recreational complex in the town of San Benito.

A player in the “veterans” category fell ill, so he was urgently transferred to the San Martín de Paraná hospital. [...] Despite the tireless work of the doctors, the 61-year-old man died [...]"

Article: A man decompensated while playing football and died in hospital

2) A 14 year-old boy died playing football after collapsing during practice with "cardiorespiratory arrest" on Fri, Feb 11, 2022.

"[A] 14-year-old player who was in practice abruptly became unbalanced, so he had to be referred urgently to the local health center. The hospital doctors decided to transfer him to the San Martín hospital, given that he was facing a serious cardiorespiratory case.

[At the hospital he] suffered a new breakdown that determined his unfortunate death."

Article: A teenager decompensated while playing soccer and died

And now we have two tennis players from France. The first, the media assures us, is suffering the extreme health consequences of asymptomatic covid. Smh...

3) "Timothée Mouilleron, one of the best players in Aube, developed myocarditis, probably linked to an asymptomatic Covid-19 infection. Partially recovered, he now suffers from a severe and restrictive allergy, currently undergoing analysis."

Article: Tennis: Thimothée Mouilleron and the sneaky effects of Covid-19

IMAGE: tennisworldusa.org

4) And finally, in the most widely-reported story in today's update, France's number one ranked tennis player has withdrawn from a major tournament, citing the health effects he's suffering from the 3rd shot.

Gael Monfils will not be playing in the Davis Cup tournament this year.

""I have been experiencing a small health issue (probably from my third dose). Upon the advice of my doctor, I have decided to take some time to rest. I cannot, unfortunately, play Davis Cup next week. I hope to come back in the United States.""

Article: Gael Monfils Won't Play Davis Cup, Criticizes Vaccination Speculation

As an almost macabre sidenote to this story, Monfils was attacked widely for stating the simple and obvious truth that the shot ended his Davis Cup chances, and he's quoted in several articles saying he doesn't "regret getting vaccinated at all. Everyone does what he wants." It's a deeply philosophical statement that "everyone does what he wants," and although Novak Djokovic, the world number one tennis player, did choose to remain unvaccinated and thereby forego playing in the Australian Open, I would think that he actually wanted to play in the tournament -- as I'm sure Monfils would have chosen to play in the Davis Cup.

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