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The NOTB Sports Update - Number 6

Feb 23 UPDATE:

Heart troubles, convulsions, and deaths in sports today. The mainstream media will tell you this is normal.

IMAGE: VeloNews.com

1) Tim Declercq, a support rider for the cycling team QuickStep-AlphaVinyl in Belgium, will be missing the start of the season. He is suffering from a condition most of us never heard of before last year but a now-familiar ailment: pericarditis.

"Tim Declercq is sidelined for this weekend’s “opening weekend” as Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl faces missing one of its key support riders as the 2022 classics campaign kicks off.

Nicknamed “the Tractor,” Declercq is recovering from pericarditis, an inflammation of the thin lining of the heart, officials confirmed.

It’s uncertain when the important team player will return, but it could be several weeks."

Article: Tim Declercq to miss Quick-Step’s first big rumble at Omloop, sidelined for a ‘few weeks’

2) Jean Diaby, a football player in Buneulos, Spain collapsed after leaving the field and went into convulsions on Sunday, Feb 20.

"With twenty minutes to go before the conclusion of the transcendental match, in a corner kick, a Bañuelos player approached the referee to inform him that he was not feeling well and that he was going to leave the field. At the height of the bench, Jean suffered a blackout that caused him to lose consciousness."

"While awaiting the arrival of 112, the player from Bañuelos suffered a new crisis in which Roberto, Abrahan Torrano and Juan had to intervene again, even improvising a cannula to ensure the player's breathing and for him to be calmer until the arrival of the life support ambulance."

Article: Saving intervention of a physiotherapist spectator during the Bañuelos-Pradejón de Regional

3) And finally we come to the story of Antonio Cuorvo, a 45 year-old amateur footballer who died suddenly in Italy.

"It is mourning in Giugliano in Campania, in the province of Naples, for the sudden death of Antonio Cuorvo . [...] He was well known because he was a champion in amateur football."

Article: Young father dies suddenly, leaves behind two daughters and his wife: "Antonio you were a champion"

The only thing that's normal about these sports players' collapses and deaths is the mainstream media is failing to report it. That makes it a day that ends in "y." Other than that, it is clear to see we are in the face of an unprecedented crisis.

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