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The numbers keep rising: another football star dies from a heart attack

In what is becoming an all-too-common tragedy, another football star has died from a heart attack - this time a healthy, fit 25-year-old Guatemalan man.

Marcos Menaldo, a defender who played for Deportivo Marquense, was reported to be experiencing chest pains and breathing issues during a training session. Sadly, he collapsed and died shortly after being rushed to hospital, having suffered a massive heart attack.

Menaldo’s death comes amid a surge of athletes dropping like flies with heart-related issues - a shockingly steep increase since the Covid-19 vaccine programme began.

According to Life Site News, the sudden death or illness in football players and their possible link to the jabs has not gone unnoticed by retired players. After fully-jabbed defender Victor Lindelof was forced to leave a game with chest pains in December, Matt Le Tissier (former England professional) voiced his concerns on social media.

“Amazing that another footballer comes off complaining about his heart and yet the media refuse to mention even the slightest hint that it just “could” be the thing that can’t be named #lotsofcoincidences,” he tweeted on 11th December, 2021.

Lots of coincidences indeed.

You can read News Punch’s article about Menaldo, published on the 5th January, here: https://newspunch.com/another-young-healthy-soccer-star-dies-from-heart-attack/

Menaldo is also mentioned in this interesting article by LifeSiteNews, published on 4th January:


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