Preston Settles


United States of America

15 February 2022



Vaccination Status: 

Heart attack / Cardiac arrest

High school basketball horror as two young athletes die and another hospitalised following heart attacks

"[...] Preston Settles, a freshman at Brooks School in North Andover, collapsed during a game on Saturday, February 5.

15-year-old Settles apparently told a teammate before he collapsed: “I feel like my heart is racing.”

Moments later, the young athlete collapsed on the gymnasium floor as his parents rushed to his side. The boy’s mother, Lisa M. Owens, who is a doctor, said Preston had “stopped breathing.”

Preston was rushed from the Brooks School in North Andover to Lawrence General Hospital, where doctors shocked his heart eight times but could not get it to start again on its own. He was placed on an automatic CPR machine and breathing tube for an hour."