Sergio Satriano



17 February 2022



Vaccination Status: 


Real Battipaglia player struck down by a fatal illness in the night: he was 35 years old

"Sergio Satriano , 35 years old from Battipagliese, player of Real Battipaglia passed away last night . Unfortunately, an illness left no way out for the athlete who was well known and well liked in Battipaglia . The news of Satriano's sudden disappearance spread in the last hours in Battipaglia, leaving family members and acquaintances saddened."

"We remind you that starting from 10 January 2022 all Italian footballers , as well as all athletes involved in team sports, had to be vaccinated to continue their activity."

"There are no exceptions , so the rule has crossed the entire world of football, from Serie A downwards. And the sudden illness continues in the deafening silence of the mainstream media."