Giannis Nakos

Giannis Nakos

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu



Vaccination Status:


Thrombophilic Body

16 September 2021
Giannis Nakos: "My life was destroyed after the vaccine" says the Greek champion (video)

33-year-old complains that after the vaccine his career was ruined - He still has muscle spasms. The athlete reports that he did the first dose of the vaccine in July and after the first week, while training in the gym, he suddenly felt that his legs were not holding him, he had tremors, bradycardia and a tendency to faint. The athlete immediately contacted a cardiologist, who asked him if he had been vaccinated. For the next two weeks, Giannis Nakos could not even get out of bed and felt very weak.

The Greek champion underwent a series of tests and finally it was proved that his body is thrombophilic and that he is at risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke and even a pulmonary embolism.