Jean-Daniel Dave Lewis Akpa Akpro

Jean-Daniel Dave Lewis Akpa Akpro




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13 January 2022
The vaccinated midfielder of Lazio Akpa-Akpro suffering from severe covid pneumonia. Breathing capacity reduced to 50%

29-year-old Lazio midfielder, of Ivorian nationality, Jean-Daniel Akpa-Akpro is ill, has covid and severe acute pneumonia. Ivory Coast coach Patrice Baumelle said: “He had a very severe form of Covid in his club at Lazio. He followed the 10 day protocol in Italy. The tests he underwent showed pneumonia. He cannot travel and climb in altitude, this is a big risk to his health. He is on antibiotics and must undergo treatment for at least 15 days. However, he lost 50% of his breathing capacity. Let's hope he heals on his own. He needs at least 20 days to be able to resume normal activity".